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After China announced early Tuesday that it would slash its auto tariff, more terms of an as-yet-unfinished US-China trade deal are being revealed. Trade talks between the US and China are set to continue in Washington and Beijing, and a comprehensive deal remains elusive, but in a sign of the US's growing commitment to compromise, the Trump administration has agreed on the "broad outline" of a deal that would save imperiled Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp.,

With much of Europe coming back from Whit Monday holiday, the much more liquid market focused on the latest news in the easing US-China trade war and this morning's announcement by Beijing to cut import duties on autos to 15%, with the resulting risk-on mood sending U.S. equity futures back to yesterday’s session highs, while Asian and European stocks were mixed. It wasn't just China's auto import tariffs however: as the WSJ reports, US and China